WHA Nominated for Earthie Award

The Anne Lindsay Protecting Our Earth Award (Earthie Award) is an annual award recognizing groups and individuals for their contributions in promoting sustainability and protecting ecosystems. First established in 1990, the Manitoba Eco-Network has acknowledged the creativity, diligence and commitment of their peers in presenting the award. In 2011, the award was renamed in honour of Anne Lindsey who retired from Manitoba Eco-Network after serving for 23 years as Executive Director.


This year the Wa Ni Ska Tan Hydro Alliance was nominated along with five other individuals and organizations, including:

  • Bridging the Gap
  • Dr. Jon Gerrard
  • Dr. Gordon Goldsborough
  • Michael Lee and the Power Smart Residential LED Lighting program
  • Prairie Climate Centre

For more information on these nominees, please click here.

The award was presented at the 2017 Reel Green Fundraising Gala on March 16th. The event, titled, ‘Inspiring People, Celebrating Nature’ highlighted environmental documentary shorts (including one from our very own Jonathan Ventura), a fashion show, and pop-up thrift shop. They made us wait until the very end of the evening to learn the winner of this year’s Earthie Award.

The award was presented to Dr. Jon Gerrard, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba and has devoted the last fifty years of his life to environmental research and advocacy. The award focused on his research and advocacy related to Bald Eagles, though he was also acknowledged for his contribution to the following environmental areas:

Advocacy aimed at saving the Experimental Lakes Area
Action directed towards saving Lake Winnipeg
Efforts to get orphaned mine sites cleaned up
Climate Change advocacy; and
The promotion of environmental industries

It was an absolute honour to be nominated and have our work reach a broader audience. Who knows, maybe we’ll get nominated again next year!

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