On February 16th we had a chance to showcase some of the research taking place within the WHA and network with new students interested in getting involved. Usually we host community gatherings for our partners outside of Winnipeg. These are opportunities to network, share experiences, and work together to formulate research priorities. The Research Open House was an opportunity to host an event in our academic community, the University of Manitoba.

Held on campus at St. John’s College, we hosted over 100 students, community members, and faculty. Stéphane McLachlan and Peter Kulchyski kicked things off with an overview of Wa Ni Ska Tan Hydro Alliance (WHA) and the opportunities for students to get involved in researching hydro development in Manitoba. Students and faculty then presented on their current research.

Presenters included:

  • Victoria Grima, Graduate Student
  • Asfia Gulrukh Kamal, PhD Candidate
  • Joe Dipple, PhD Candidate
  • Jack Lovell, PhD Candidate
  • Shelby Thomas & Tamara Reimer, Articling Students
  • Jarvis Brownlie, Professor



The networking event afterward provided time for faculty and students to connect on possible summer employment and research projects. It was definitely a success and many connections were made.

In fact, some students became so energized by the research presentations and possibilities that they have decided to shift the focus of their studies as a result! These students and their passion will be a resource for the WHA in the future. You may have the opportunity to meet some of these students at the next WHA Spring Gathering or the Youth Camp later this summer.

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