With the changing of the season and fall colours sprouting on leaves, it’s a new semester at the University of Manitoba and many new students are walking the higher education gauntlet, navigating a confusing and chaotic new environment on campus. For some students associated with the Wa Ni Ska Tan Hydro Alliance (WHA), this is your first time away from home. As researchers with a foot in the North, we understand that this can be an extra trying time. We at the Environmental Conservation Lab (ECL) would like to open our door and welcome you to campus and also give you a backstage pass to the research that is going on within the WHA, as well as a place to drop your heavy (and expensive!) course books and to take a load off.

Kelly Janz, WHA Coordinator

Our laboratory (yes, it’s called a lab but we are not mad scientists!) is located at 303 Wallace Building on the north side of Campus at 125 Dysart Road. You can reach us via the underground tunnel network but we’d recommend walking outside until the weather is too chilly. You can plan a visit by calling Kelly at 204-474-9316.

We hope you will feel comfortable to stop in from time to time and have a coffee, and catch up on the latest research news. If you spend enough time hanging around the lab, you might hear about new research and volunteer opportunities through the WHA to advance your education career. You may be invited to write articles or participate in our yearly gatherings. Or you might just find the ECL to be a cozy corner of the University to call ‘your own’.

Hope to hear from you soon!

The WHA Team,
Dr. Stephane Mclachlan, Professor
Kelly Janz, WHA Coordinator
Michael Tyas, Research Technician
Jonathan Ventura, Research Technician
Victoria Grima, Masters Student
Kendelle Fawcette, Masters Student
Asfia Gulrukh, PhD Candidate
Jack Lovell, PhD Candidate

Michael Tyas, Research Technician
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