Manitoba Hydro is Water Drunk Video

In this video, you will see how Manitoba Hydro’s Churchill River Diversion project has harmed the community of South Indian Lake and its environment. The project, which started in 1976, diverts water from the Churchill River southward to increase power generation at the Nelson River dams. The video shows how Manitoba Hydro failed to lower the water levels of South Indian Lake in 2017, despite knowing that a record-breaking snowfall would cause a massive runoff and flooding in spring. The result was unprecedented erosion and damage to the community’s roads, docks, fish plant, and shorelines. The damage occurred while there was still ice on the lake, which means more destruction is expected once the ice melts completely and the wind and waves increase. The video features interviews with Les Dysart who shares his frustration and anger with Manitoba Hydro’s lack of communication and consultation with them. He accuses Manitoba Hydro of being “water drunk” and “greedy”, ignoring their concerns and rights for over 40 years. They demand that Manitoba Hydro respect their treaty obligations and work with them to find a better solution for managing water levels on South Indian Lake. This video is a call for action and awareness about the plight of South Indian Lake community who are suffering from Manitoba Hydro’s negligence and indifference. Please watch, share, and support their cause. Visit for more information on Wa Ni Ska Tan, and Alliance of Hydro Impacted Communities. Executive Producer, Stephane McLachlan Story, Les Dysart Videography, Michael Tyas

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