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USE THE SMALLEST AMOUNT OF PERSONAL ENERGY TO SAVE THE LARGEST AMOUNT OF ELECTRICAL ENERGY. By Michael Tyas In my previous article, “Don’t sweat the savings: How a warmer home can make saving a breeze, and let you live like royalty,” I explained how setting your air conditioner to ~26°C, when combined with moving air from a fan in the rooms you occupy, is the most comfortable, and cheapest, way to enjoy the summer. It utilizes your innate homeostasis (sweat) mechanisms to reach perfect equilibrium; you literally cannot feel better in your own skin any other way. Now, I want to ta

By Tanjina Tahsin The Indian Residential School educational system played a remarkable role in undermining Indigenous knowledge, language, and cultures and forceful assimilating Indigenous children to the colonization system. All these restricted the accessibility of Indigenous knowledge, language, and cultures to future generations. Ever since the closed down of the Residential Schools (in the late 1990s), the survivors of these schools have been sharing their personal stories of sexual, physical and emotional abuse by the teachers and administrators (1). The legacy of the annihilation is

By Tanjina Tahsin The primary goal of the camps is to provide Indigenous youth the opportunity to learn about the science: in water, plants, fish, wildlife, and human relationships with their environment through land-based teaching. Kis Kin Ha Ma Ki Win camps also provide the community a unique opportunity to build and strengthen the relationship between the youth and elders through sharing knowledge, stories, and cultural activities.   First camp of the season- Brokenhead Ojibway Nation Kis Kin Ha Ma Ki Win organized its first camp of the season in Brokenhead Ojibway Nation (

By Josh Aldrich Via Winnipeg Free Press published Sep 29, 2021 The Federal Court has ruled the federal government did not conduct sufficient consultation with Peguis First Nation prior to the construction of the Manitoba-Minnesota Transmission Project. The project was geared to make the export of power to the U.S. easier. The $490 million project has been completed and has been in operation since June 2020. “There is no indication in the (Crown Consultation and Accommodation Report) that Canada actually met with Peguis to discuss their outstanding concerns,” said Justice Glenny

By Michael Tyas I am going to say two crazy things, one more insane and maddening than the other, but they are both true: 1. Sweating is the cheapest way to stay cool in the summer. 2. Sweating can make you feel like a king or queen. If you are still reading, thank you. I will attempt to redeem myself by explaining how you can be the absolute most comfortable you have ever been while reducing your dependence on air conditioning, save tons of money and reconnect with your body. Have you ever noticed that the same temperature we might consider gorgeous outdoors is horrible indoors? For

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