Erosion Unleashed: The Tragic Consequences of Hydroelectric Development on Indigenous Communities Video
In this video, we hear from members of the Norway House Cree Nation in Manitoba, Canada, who are speaking out about the devastating effects of extreme erosion in Lake Winnipeg. The erosion is a result of the construction of Eight Mile and Two Mile channels by Manitoba Hydro in the 1970s, which were designed to...
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Manitoba Hydro is Water Drunk
In this video, you will see how Manitoba Hydro’s Churchill River Diversion project has harmed the community of South Indian Lake and its environment. The project, which started in 1976, diverts water from the Churchill River southward to increase power generation at the Nelson River dams. The video shows how Manitoba Hydro failed to lower...
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Hydro Impacts: Erosion
Are you aware of the environmental impacts of hydroelectric power? Hydroelectric power is often considered a clean and renewable source of energy, but it also has some negative consequences for the ecosystems, water quality, and greenhouse gas emissions. In this video, we will explore how hydroelectric development can cause shoreline erosion and deadheads, and what...
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