Petition to Support Clean Renewable Energy

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[signaturelist id=”1″][/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/2″][wr_vc_section_title title=”What we’re asking for”][wr_vc_section_text]According to the United Nations, more than 22% of world power comes from renewable sources. Hydropower makes up a large portion of this.The International Energy Agency predicts that developing countries will see an 87% increase in energy demand by 2030.
The UN continues to support hydro power as a renewable source of energy, and has provided support in developing countries to build and maintain hydroelectric structures.

However the facts are clear:

  • Hydropower has been linked to increasing methyl mercury concentrations in water bodies
  • Intense erosion caused by rapidly changing water levels from control structures causes the destruction of vital aquatic and riparian habitats
  • Construction of hydro dam projects frequently results in long-term financial debts for countries, even having large economic effects in highly developed nations
  • Often hydro projects have profound impacts on the culture and livelihood of local Indigenous populations as a result of the environmental damage
  • There are no carbon emission evaluations of the lifespan of hydroelectric dams and control structures, a concern especially as a result of the lengthy and highly polluting project construction phases

Help us redefine renewable energy by asking the UN to increase its support for truly clean renewable energy sources and to stop the promotion and funding of energy projects that cause profound damage to globally connected ecosystems, and the people and animals that rely upon them

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