Kelly Janz

Kelly Janz


Kelly is a Research Associate at the University of Manitoba, coordinating a number of grants and projects within the Environmental Conservation Lab. Her work involves communications, outreach, finance, research, grant writing, event planning, mentorship, and evaluation. For the past nine years she has coordinated the Wa Ni Ska Tan Alliance of Hydro-Impacted Communities, working with Indigenous partners, NGOs, and researchers to document the impacts of hydropower on the environment and communities.  

Kelly has a MSc in Planning from the University of Guelph and a MA in International Development Studies from the University of Winnipeg. She has a long history working towards food security, food sovereignty and community development and just completed three full terms on the board of the Winnipeg Food Council

Kelly loves to cook, bake, read, and spin, though lately these all have taken a backseat as she tries to keep up with her toddler.

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