Past Campaigns




Sign our postcards calling on the government to take action

We are excited to have launched our postcard campaign, where we have currently featured three community members from hydro affected communities. The ongoing campaign has four inquiries on the accountability of Manitoba Hydro.

Manitoba Hydro’s dams reliably power our lights, toasters and phones. They also drastically alter Manitoba’s 5 largest rivers. These rivers are wounded, as are the Indigenous communities on their shores.

In a spirit of healing, reconciliation, and fair sharing of benefits, we are calling on the Manitoba Government to:

  • Share water rental payments received from Hydro with impacted communities.
  • Commission an independent, credible body to conduct an operational review of Manitoba Hydro.
  • Stop allowing Manitoba Hydro to deviate from its originally approved Churchill River Diversion Licence.
  • Seriously review options to alter operations and reduce impacts before granting final licences and licence renewals.

Letter Writting Campaign

The Augmented Flow Program permits Manitoba Hydro to exceed water level changes of South Indian Lake beyond what outlined in the original license.  This fluctuation of lake water levels is a very destructive operation of questionable necessity.

Participate in a letter-writing campaign: write, email MLA’s and demand that they listen to communities who bear the consequences of Manitoba’s “clean” energy.

HERE you can access the letter writing template, and a list of MLA’s to send your letter to in support of hydro impacted communities