Get Involved

We know that Wa Ni Ska Tan has community members and researchers with a diversity of skills, knowledge, opinions and abilities, and we want to celebrate this diverse expertise. There are a number of different ways to contribute to Wa Ni Ska Tan: share a recipe or skill, contribute your knowledge through events and committees, tell a story, etc… Below you will find more details about how you can be involved and contribute to research.

Share Your Knowledge and Make a Difference

Do you have a special area of expertise? Would you like to be a resource to other researchers, students, or communities? Let us know what you do well and we’ll add your name on the website as a resource. Our hope is to allow people the opportunity to contact experts in a variety of fields and locations. Your expertise could be a valuable asset at the annual Gathering or future workshops. Some examples of expertise include: traditional medicine, knowing treaty law, having local environmental knowledge, jigging, and story-telling.

To be included as a resource, please provide the following information to Kelly by email or phone 204-474-9316.

– Name
– Title (if appropriate)
– Knowledge or skills your interested in sharing with others
– Contact information
– Picture (optional)

Join a Committee

We are always looking for individuals to sit the Research Steering Committee or create an ad hoc committee.  The purpose of the Research Steering Committee is to to assess research and project proposals and provide strategic direction to the research and Alliance. The committee has approximately 8-12 members at any given time and includes students, researchers, and community representation.

Individuals who volunteer to sit on the committee should expect to contribute approximately 4 hours per month. This time would be composed of reading and assessing proposals and participating in one face-to-face meeting in Winnipeg after each proposal intake deadline.

Please contact Kelly if you are interested in joining the Research Steering Committee or starting your own ad hoc committee.

Share your Story

We are always interested in hearing your story and would love to share your experience, photos, artwork, articles, and research in our print newsletter or e-newsletter. For more information or to submit a piece, please contact Bobbie at