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What You Can do to Take Action Today

Taking action by coming out to events can be a challenge sometimes. There are other ways to show your support though that can be done simply by clicking a button or writing an email. We’ve crafted some ways to stay involved and show your support, no matter where you are from. We keep this page updated with actions that will only take a few minutes of your time to complete,  so make sure to check back frequently to stay informed and involved with some alternative ways to take action!

Community Action Package

Send us your Hydro Bills with the #MBRateGate Campaign

Let’s face it, Indigenous community members DO NOT receive free hydro. People affected by hydro development have some of the highest hydro bills in our province, an unfair burden for them to take on, in addition to the cultural, environmental and social costs hydro development has already had on these communities and their people. In May, the PUB ordered a new rate class for on reserve residential customers in response to this unfair burden, to make hydro bills more affordable. Manitoba Hydro filed to appeal this order. This is not right!

You can show your support for the PUB order and raise awareness about the outrageously high hydro bills in the north, by taking a picture of your hydro bill, and posting it on your social media using the following hashtags or emailed to us at


Make sure to cross out your name and street address, but leave your city and postal code. If you are from the South, please post your bill too. We want to see the comparison between hydro bills in different parts of the province, so all hydro bills matter right now in this campaign! *Note: If you are on a payment equalization plan please make note of this when you send us your bills!

Have a story you want to share about experiences with your hydro bills? Please contact us, we would love to get in touch and hear more!

Find some resources on the issue:

Double-Digit Rate Hikes and Affordable Electricity


Sign our postcards calling on the government to take action

We are excited to have launched our postcard campaign, where we have currently featured three community members from hydro affected communities. The ongoing campaign has four inquiries on the accountability of Manitoba Hydro.

Manitoba Hydro’s dams reliably power our lights, toasters and phones. They also drastically alter Manitoba’s 5 largest rivers. These rivers are wounded, as are the Indigenous communities on their shores.

In a spirit of healing, reconciliation, and fair sharing of benefits, we are calling on the Manitoba Government to:

  • Share water rental payments received from Hydro with impacted communities.
  • Commission an independent, credible body to conduct an operational review of Manitoba Hydro.
  • Stop allowing Manitoba Hydro to deviate from its originally approved Churchill River Diversion Licence.
  • Seriously review options to alter operations and reduce impacts before granting final licences and licence renewals.

You can learn more about the calls to action on our postcards from the Facts & Stats portion of our Resources page

To have postcards and postage mailed to your community, please contact us by email at

Or, sign them online!  Go to


The Augmented Flow Program permits Manitoba Hydro to exceed water level changes of South Indian Lake beyond what outlined in the original license.  This fluctuation of lake water levels is a very destructive operation of questionable necessity.

Participate in a letter-writing campaign: write, email MLA’s and demand that they listen to communities who bear the consequences of Manitoba’s “clean” energy.

HERE you can access the letter writing template, and a list of MLA’s to send your letter to in support of hydro impacted communities

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