The Current Research Steering Committee

Carol Kobliski, Nelson House Cree Nation

Dave Scott, Swan Lake First Nation

Diana Traverse, Lake St. Martin

Gilbert Fredette, Norway House Cree Nation

Gord Bluesky, Brokenhead Ojibway Nation

Dr. Jarvis Brownlie, University of Manitoba

Josh Brandon, Social Planning Council of Winnipeg

Leslie Dysart, Community Association of South Indian Lake

Dr. Melanie O’Gorman, University of Winnipeg

Dr. Peter Kulchyski, University of Manitoba

Dr. Ramona Neckoway, University College of the North

Dr. Stef McLachlan, University of Manitoba

Victoria Grima, University of Manitoba

Dr. Warren Cariou, University of Manitoba

Will Braun, Interchurch Council on Hydropower


Executive Committee

  • The organizational structure of the Alliance calls for a smaller Executive within the Research Steering Committee that can deal with quick, day-to-day decisions. The Executive will meet as needed.
  • The Executive is comprised of Stef McLachlan, Warren Cariou, Les Dysart, and the Wa Ni Ska Tan Coordinator (Kelly Janz)

Research Steering Committee

  • The current Steering Committee is comprised of Stef McLachlan (UM), Peter Kulchyski (UM), Warren Cariou (UM), Jarvis Brownlie (UM), Ramona Neckoway (UCN), Gilbert Fredette (NHCN), Melanie O’Gorman (UW), Carol Kobliski (NCN), Gord Bluesky (BON), Diana Traverse (Lake St. Martin), Dave Scott (SLFN), Les Dysart (SIL), Victoria Grima (UM), Josh Brandon (SPCW), and Will Braun (ICH).
  • The Research Steering Committee meets every 3 months and reports back to the larger Alliance at Annual Gatherings.

RCEA & AFP Working Committee

  • Comprised of Stef McLachlan (UM), Peter Kulchyski (UM), Ramona Neckoway (UCN),  Carol Kobliski (NCN), Diana Traverse (Lake St. Martin), Dave Scott (SLFN), Les Dysart (SIL), Victoria Grima (UM), and Will Braun (ICH).

Create an Ad-hoc Committee

  • Anyone from the Alliance can propose a committee as situations arise and is needed. To suggest a committee, please email Possible committees include: youth, policy, and elder committees.


Executive Committee

  • Quick, day-to-day decisions and budget decisions under $10,000.

Research Steering Committee

  • Governance, long-term planning, research, and actions, input on annual Gatherings, hiring, student funding, and budget decisions over $10,000.
  • Funding decisions for both research projects and cross-community projects.